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About us

What is our goal?

Problem description

Often, many people have circumstances that they cannot afford to visit a certain place. For example, traveling to exotic countries, or shopping in remote places, or just visiting interesting activities. Lack of money, free time, limited physical capabilities, and finally objective reasons how the same coronavirus gets in the way. Our project can solve all these problems. With its help, people will be able to travel in space without leaving the confines of their home or office, feeling the whole range of experiences and impressions as if they were really present in all these, even the most hidden and exotic places.


We offer an innovative solution

Our project is a kind of platform that helps people who would like to visit certain places on Earth for different purposes. To do this, they need to pick up т.зв. «avatar»,which with the help of special equipment, or the most common smartphone would help them do it. By choosing an avatar, the client can control its movement using simple manipulations, route and even behavior in certain places and circumstances. At the same time, thanks to the control and additional special equipment, the client will be able to feel the full effect of presence in real time. The project can also offer ready-made solutions in the form of programs of visits to traditional events or excursions

How it works

A brief description of the principle of virtual travel



Register on our platform as a traveler


Choose a place and avatar

Choose a place or action to travel to, and media equipment (Avatar)



Connect to the avatar with your smartphone or PC



Embark on a virtual journey and manage your avatar online


Our project - it is a kind of platform, which helps people, who would like to visit certain places on Earth for different purposes: tourist travel, business travel, attending major events in different parts of our planet. To start, you need to register on our website. If you want to join as an avatar - specify the model of your special equipment, or smartphone. If a traveler - determine the place and purpose of the trip. Everyone needs to download the software, which is available for PC,or Android smartphones.


Choose a place and an avatar.

Avatar in Sanskrit – bearer of the divine spirit in the material world. In our case – Avatar – it is a person carrying special equipment, which creates the effect of the presence of the tourist in another material (real) place. Thus, the goal of the Avatar Tour project – creating opportunities for virtual travel around the world. The project has no restrictions, related to the client's location or region, which he wants to visit. A client from Germany can order a visit to the Sahara, a client from Japan will be able to visit Siberia, and a client from Ukraine - opening ceremony of the festival in Cannes.


Choosing an avatar, the client can control its movement when using simple manipulations, route and even behavior in certain places and circumstances. You can use a regular personal computer to control it, smartphone, or virtual reality glasses. The degree of avatar control may vary depending on the avatar equipment. The simplest option is a simple smartphone with a headset. The smartphone can be mounted on the body, the hand or head of the avatar, and thanks to the earphone, the avatar will receive control commands.



User control commands are transmitted to the server, where stored as the team itself, and the status and degree of accuracy of its implementation,thanks to which it is possible to keep statistics virtual travel and automatically determine the rating of the avatar and the rating of its equipment. Also, if the avatar equipment allows, GPS statistics and various technical information will be stored in the travel statistics, which can be linked to Google maps to create videos of cities and landscapes at each coordinate point. At the end of the trip, Avatar can upload high quality videos to your personal account, which can be downloaded by the user if desired.


In addition to the basic service - In addition to the basic service, we offer the following additional services:

Platform services

Additional features of the traveler software.


Getting video

Videos from your virtual trip can be downloaded in your personal account.


Getting a photo

During the trip you can choose the time to get high quality photos.


Purchase order

You can make a purchase in a virtual tour and order it to be sent by mail.



Ability to send questions to people at the place of travel or send other information messages.


Team communication

Ability to create commands for voice communication with other avatars.


Own tasks

Ability to book your own routes and tasks for a virtual tour.

Avatar servicesight">

Additional services and avatar capabilities.



Low price, when using minimal equipment.


Possibility of upgrades

Ability to install additional equipment for complex travel.


Tasks for the tour

Ability to perform certain tasks on the tour to interact with the environment.


The effect of presence

Opportunity to leave some real memories of visiting the place of travel.

Our customers

Who will benefit from our platform

Our customers can be divided into two groups:


  • Those, who for various reasons can not afford to travel offline, for example due to lack of free time, or limited financial or physical opportunities.
  • Ті, who would like to get acquainted in advance with the places of the upcoming trip.Example, carefully inspect the city or hotel,which they are going to visit, having received an independent assessment with the help of an uninterested party.
  • These can be businessmen, or investors, or regular retail buyers, who would like to get acquainted in more detail with the object of purchase or transaction directly on the ground.
  • Representatives of various companies, who want to visit exhibitions, lectures,workshops for establishing new contacts, or obtaining certain information.
  • Representatives of religious communities, who want to visit holy places or certain religious activities.
  • It can be people, which with the help of the project will be able to get т.зв. the effect of involvement with prominent places or significant events. Or visit events or places on the planet for scientific or educational purposes.
  • People who want new experiences, whether entertainment in virtual travel or in virtual games in real locations with real Avatars.



  • Amateurs, non-professionals who simply perform the assigned functions within a specific task.
  • Professional guides who can not only perform high-quality tasks to visit certain places, but also offer their ready-made sightseeing, entertainment and educational programs.
  • Significant tourist sites that want to attract the attention of the world community.
  • Business platforms, exhibition centers, lecture halls, etc. -places for business meetings and establishing new contacts.
  • Playgrounds like a casino, quest rooms, competition venues, which will attract remote customers.